• I'd like to plant some real live plants to my millipede tank. I have a growing light, so lightning is not a problem. But I'd need to know which plants would be left alone by the millies. I tried christmas cactus but it got completely eaten overnight, and so did paprika seedlings that had sprouted there.
    The millies I have are "ghana blonde legged millipedes" (species unknown, I bought them from Virginia Cheeseman).

    I read from somewhere else that jade plant would do, and so would orchids. But anything else?

  • In my tanks I only have limbs and mosses. Everything else - like spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) ivy or fern - was eaten very fast...
    Now I have some Spathiphyllum plants outside, behind my big tank and this looks really nice.

    But you could try Epipremnum aureum, bromeliads, crassulaceous plants or tillandsias.

    Liebe Grüße, Mary & Krabbler

  • Yes I have common ivy in my tanks. I remember having a tillandsia once in a tank. You can clue them everywhere you want and they don't need much water. I also had a dwarf palm in one tank but I can't remember if it survived long :D

    Sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand what I mean :D

    Tobi ;)