Millipede temperature?? please help

  • Hi,

    First time poster and I come with a question.

    I live in South Wales, UK and the temperature here is a bit chilly, especially for my two millis. I have an under tank heat mat which heats the soil to a 'warm to the touch' temperature, from a basic dial thermometre it reads about 25c warm.

    From a thermometer I have about mid way up the tank wall the air temp stays roughly around 18c, which is a bit on the cold side from what research I've done.

    I was wandering if 25c soil temp, but 18c air temp is okay?

    Is it the soil temperature or air temperature I want to be concerned with? With a dim heat lamp or side mounted heatmat be useful in this situation? These are my first millipedes and want them to be comfortable, so any advice is welcome :)

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Hi, Reece,

    first of all, which species are ur millipedes, this would be helpful for the correct consideration of the temp.

    I would remind u that the undertank heat mat is not a bright solution cuz of heating the substrat too much overdone for possible offspring, they are not firm with that, imagine normal temperatueres in the wild, so I would suggest to put the heatmat at least on sidemounted of the tank.
    Lil' bit curious but on which substate are u keeping them?

    Shura and the whole bunch