Other species with Millipedes

  • First time poster and brand new to Millipedes :D
    I've never had much to do with Millipedes or Centipedes, but recently gained interest, along with all the other creepy crawlers.
    I currently have 3 spiders and Hermit crabs, but have a brand new tank for worms and CO.

    To the point, i have 10 gallons of substrate and 20 Gallons of air, i want to put as many different insect species as i can in there. Millipedes, Cockroaches, Worms, Beetles, Caterpillars, E.T.C.
    Does anyone have some suggestions to what would be suitable species to put with millipedes? I have no issue feeding them separate things, or providing hides, just as long as they don't attempt to kill each other.

    Thanks in advanced <3