East African species (From Kenya, Zimbabwe or Mozambique)

  • Hi and thanks for accepting me in this German Forum :)

    I only speak English, my German is very limited.

    I need to know what Genera and species, are to live in Kenya, Zimbabwe or Mozambique area?
    Also i would like to know if any are of size to cohabitate with Cordylus tropidosternum? Of thoes who are not able to use a defence system (kemicals/secretions) or some who are not 'bad' enough to make my Cordylus sick.

    Some without the posibility to get very stressed from thies very day active Lizards, so some semi day/active or more nighty active Millipedes are very actractive to my Cordylus specie.

    I was searching google, and only came to that A. gigas might be in that area.. But i had some aprox 8 years ago, and it seamed very un-successfull for my part of the hobby.

    Every informations are good to know.

    Danni Hansen,
    Denmark (DK)

    Friendly Regards:
    Danni Hansen,