• Dear Colleagues,

    I am absolutely new to this forum, and my subject of interest is quite different since it has two wings and may be often annoying to humans. I am interested in larval stages of Diptera, especially family Muscidae. Some muscid genera, like Eginia, Syngamoptera, Xenotachina and Neohelina, are known as parasitoids of Millipede. I was trying to collect some immature, but the only success I achieved were eggs of Eginia. Thus, I would like to ask for a possible collaboration in this project. Did any of you during collecting Diplopoda have obtained dipteran parasitoids from the material you collected? If any of you have larvae, pupae, puparia with adult flies and be interested in a collaboration I will be very gratefully for any message. Any material I will use in my work will guarantee collaborators a co-authorship of the resultant article.


  • Robert December 3, 2023 at 7:12 PM

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