need info on my millipede

  • Hi newbie here, I need info on my millipede, got this from my frontyard. I am in the Philippines by the way and also a Filipino and I stay in an area near a small forest.
    the milli looks like this
    [Blocked Image:]

    can anyone help me, identify what species and name it is. the pic is not the actual pic but mine has some what the same features but the milli I have is 7 inches long only eats rotten wood and leaves. Can anyone tell me how to look for more since I only found one. I like them a lot.
    and can anyone tell me what species of millipedes do we have here in the Philippines. becaus

  • thanks for the response and info shura . So as I have learned there are 2 other species of millipedes found here in the philippines namely Variulus mindanaonus and Banosolus philippinus. which I don't know what they look like. this pedes loves to eat wet coconut husks. at first I had a hard time feeding them with vegetables but I found out they like dead wood and leaves than vegetables. I would love to have an AGB but they are not available here in our area. I will try to look for more here so that I can breed them. tnx.

  • Theres also a species in your area, which is Trigoniulus spec., smaller ones than the Acladocricus, glossy jetblack with firecoloured legs.
    They are quite easy to keep and accept cucumber and fish flakes as well:

    My Acladocricus do accept cucumber and other food without any problems, it took quite a few days after I got them but I feed them also dead leaves and rotten hardwood.

    Where do u come from exactly, Negros occidental?

    There must be also some brownish/black pill millipedes around u and some sort of flat millipedes which are creamy yellow with a brownish stripe on their back, they can reach a lengh about 8cm.

    Shura and the whole bunch

  • no I'm not in Negros Occidental, I am in Cebu but I can ride a ferry and go there. my brother is living there right now. but he lives in the city. I have been to the place where you can find these millipedes. it's in the Mambukal area near Mt. Kanlaon an active volcano. you can also find 2 species of tarantula in there. I was there last year maybe this year I will go and look for this millipedes. Your millipedes look so nice and pretty. where did you bought them?

  • we call millipedes "labod" here locally, but the ones I found are only the blue/black ones. there is also another one they say that can be found here with black and yellow bands but I have not seen one yet, only in pictures. they look like this

    they look beautiful also.

  • I would also say it belongs to the family Rhinocricidae, but not for sure really.
    U can wait until Millipeter checks this thread, maybe he can determine them exactly.

    Sure u have much more different species in PH that u can think of, smile.

    Shura and the whole bunch

  • There are quite a lot of species of millipedes there in the Philippines but I dont have at the moment the time to list them all here. In a month I can send you a good paper on all described species there.
    I'm not sure if your blue ones are really that same undescribed Acladocricus [lexicon]sp.[/lexicon] from Negros cause there seems to be a high endemism on the Philippines islands.
    In terms of flat millipedes the one with the dorsal stripe mentioned by Shura is Platyrhachus dorsalis, quite common on the Philippines. If you find small black flat millipedes (especially near houses/in gardens with lateral white edges it is Orthomorpha coarctata.
    The pill millipedes are from the family Zephronidae but seem to be undescribed too. There are a lot to do there...

  • thanks millipeter for the reply. so here in my country we have a lot of species you say, I hope you can send me a list and a few descriptions of them soon. I would love to explore and hunt for them. I am here in the island of Cebu. Not much forest is left in this island but there are a couple of places that maybe I could try to explore. yes endemism is very high in our country too bad though because not much is being done to protect our environment here. I will try to post pictures once I find more millipedes here in our area, I am optimistic that I would find some other species but it might take a while because some of them might be endemic to the other islands which would be very difficult to cross.