Millipedes of Umbria's mountain

  • Hi my name is Daniel Argenti, I'm 17 years old and I'm italien. I keep and bred some isopods and millipedes species. i have open this trhead for show what I find in the mountains where I make trips,and maybe can you tell me the species :)
    - Stroncone (990-1100mt) i have found Glomeris romana and other two species, but i have lost the photo :( one species are brown, the other are all black with whites legs
    -Cross mountain (1200mt) i have found Glomeris romana, some julidae sp. with gold stripe (please ID) and Pachyiulus communis or Ommatoiulus sabulosus I don't know where is the difference

    -Polino (850-1150mt) in this place i have found Glomeris klugii and Glomeris connexxa whit particular color

    -Buonacquisto (650-990) i have found only Glomeris romana
    -Sant'Erasmo (700-1200mt) i have found in this place the same Julidae sp. found at cross mountain, and Glomeris romana. but i have found a Glomeris connexxa with light color

    i hope you like my work

  • Dear Daniel,
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